SYD: Best Brekkie

Say what you may, breakfast and brunch are “two” meals that are very difficult not to enjoy; whilst I may not have quite perfected the art of beautifully photographing the various spreads of food, I’ve definitely perfected eating every last morsel down to a T. Hop around Sydney and try some of my newfound favorite spots… Each one lovingly tried and tested!

Bondi WholeFoods:

With locations in North Bondi and more recently Surry Hills, Bondi WholeFoods is a cafe/whole foods store combo dedicated to healthy and nutritious ingredients. Touted by many as having introduced the smoothie bowl to Sydney, the Açai bowl continued to be a staple favorite. With a list of add ons for your smoothies and juices- including chlorella and various protein powders- that often aren’t found on most menus, the emphasis on healthy isn’t just all talk. With outdoor courtyard eating areas at both locations, a great environment accompanies even better food.


@ Bondi WholeFoods


Lox Stock & Barrel:

With a great menu this brunch spot in Bondi is worth visiting. Lox Stock & Barrel, as the name suggests, is indeed known for their array of meals featuring lovingly smoked lox. However fret not as equally delicious vegetarian and meat options are plenty. Guaranteed to have a waiting list on weekends and public holidays (when we went on Australia Day there was a +/- 15 minute wait for a table of 4), head out earlier to avoid having to wait; breakfast is served from 7am-12pm daily. Serving up killer Bloodies on their morning drinks list, this is a fail safe choice if you’re after a boozy brunch. Prices are reasonable, with most egg/protein loaded breakfast options coming in at AUS $16-$17. With ample outdoor and courtyard seating, start your day by the beach off on a well satisfied foot!

The Farm Wholefoods:

Breakfast at The Farm Wholefoods in Potts Point is definitely damn worth it! Making the effort to get there is a small price to pay for the array of wholesome meals on offer, satiating your hunger without leaving a hole in your wallet. Based on the paddock to pantry idea that promotes sustainable and fresh home grown produce, grab a nutrient packed bowl; smoothie and alternative options available (I chose the organic chia pot- priced at AUS $12- that was topped with silky cashew cream and mango puree). Or go for something a little heartier and opt for a twist on the trusted classic of an egg breakfast (AUS $14 or $18 depending on extras) or avo toast ($10), just a few choices on the fairly extensive menu. Almost everything is available to eat in or take away if you’re pushed for time. Stock up on all your whole foods staples and sweets at the “pantry”/store attached to the cafe, lined floor to ceiling with dispensers filled with wholesome favorites. 


@ The Farm Wholefoods


Four Ate Five:

Surry Hills hotspot Four Ate Five is a ‘hole in the wall’ located at number 485 along the constantly buzzing, uber trendy Crown Street. With a menu that does yummy well, breakfast options will keep even the super health conscious satisfied! Simple yet tasty, they know what’s good and add a little flavor, using- among other things- a lot of Middle Eastern spices and foods. Whilst the menu focuses more heavily on “brunch” meals, if you’re after a lighter option, muesli bowls ranging in price from AUS $12-$15 are also on offer. Given the great food, fresh juices and smoothies, and convenient location, this restaurant is often bustling. Avoid a long wait- especially on Saturday and Sunday- and call ahead to reserve your spot on the waiting list. If you’re a chai latte fan but are struggling to find it somewhere in the city, Four Ate Five’s milk and honey variant is a sweet option with smooth cinnamon undertones.


@ FourAteFive



Moroccan and Mediterranean inspired cafe and restaurant located in Surry Hills, Café Mint offers street side dining worth taking a seat for. Everything has flare, taking simple to the next level- the creamy scrambled eggs were amped up with the generous addition of freshly chopped herbs. Opt for the Turkish bread over the sourdough for a fresh baked flat bread- if like me you’re not too sure what exactly “Turkish bread”, I’d liken it to a variation of Pita bread. The hearty breakfasts range in price from AUS $10.90 to $17, however if you’re looking for a fruity yoghurt/muesli option sadly this menu won’t be able to fulfill your wishes. Conveniently open 7 days a week, Mint offers my favorite meal of the day daily from 7am through to 3pm… What’s there not to love?

The Fine Food Store:

Hidden next to Circular Quay, in one of The Rocks neighboring quaint lanes, The Fine Food Store provides one of Sydney foodies’ favorite breakfasts and brunches. A stone’s throw away from tourist hotspots- including the opera house, harbor bridge, and the less visited Australian Contemporary Art Museum-, you have no excuses not to visit!A large space with an urban industrial feel, choose to eat in or takeaway- note that all food and drink orders need to be made at the counter. With endless options- all with a focus on fresh, tasty and healthy ingredients- it’s not hard to see why this is a long loved favorite of locals. As with most restaurants, breakfast meals don’t exceed AUS $18… However it is definitely worth splurging the extra $17 on “a very mary morning”, just make sure to specify whether you want it virgin or not so your Bloody Mary doesn’t leave you disappointed.


Tucked away near Central Station in the newly opened food heaven that is Spice AlleyGlider KS fuses brekkie favs with Thai accents. The KS stands for Kensington Street, the area this chic courtyard filled with trendy street food stalls and boutique shops occupies. If you’re feeling less adventurous, opt for the super fresh avo and eggs on toast- spiced up with Thai chillies- or break the mould and try out the Thai style chicken omelette with fresh chillies. Albeit small in size, Glider’s menu packs a punch and provides a cool new approach to Western breakfast in an area otherwise dominated by Asian foods.

Sadhana Kitchen:

Whether you have to catch a train or bus, walk, run or cycle to get there, just make sure you get there! A little off the beaten track in the Newtown/Enmore area, this vegetarian/vegan spot will open up a whole new raw food world. With a tantalizing array of sweets displayed in the “bakery” display cabinet, just sticking to breakfast will be a hard task to follow. The friendly staff are more than willing to help with any questions regarding the menu that you may have, because believe me there will be things that- whilst sounding simultaneously delicious and nutritious- you’ve definitely never heard of. With multiple food guides and recipe books under their belt, these people definitely know what they’re talking about!


@Sadhana Kitchen


Further afield: The Paddock:

Whilst this technically isn’t in Sydney, we all need another excuse to add to our list of reasons to visit the Gold Coast! The Paddock Bakery combines everything you’ll love about the Sydney hotspots listed above and transports them up the coast. With a rustic flair, both in terms of decor and their food ethos, the bakery offers irrestible choices. But it’s the floor to ceiling glass curtain dividing the bakery from the restaurant that’s really the cherry on the cake! If you’re looking for fresh out the kitchen meals, you won’t leave disappointed!

@ The Paddock


Let me know if I’ve missed your favorite spot on my quest to eat my way around Sydney’s freshest cafes.