Traveling with Friends: 5 Steps to Avoiding a Mid-Vacation Breakup

The friendscation epitomizes friendship goals; you’re about to export your antics to unchartered territories, sharing the experience with those closest to you. What’s there not to love about the whole idea? You’ve spent endless evenings scouring through online reviews and fine-tuning your itinerary, but there’s still one question nagging away at the back of your mind… What if we have a fight? Small arguments are inevitable, they happen when you’re at home and they’re likely to happen on holiday. However, whether you’re going on a weekend getaway or stepping it up venturing further afield, you don’t want a full blown catastrophe shifting the mood from fun to none. Little disagreements don’t have to spell out disaster, so here are my tried and tested five steadfast rules to smooth vacationing.


1. Give a little

Traveling with friends means you aren’t always going to get your own way, and you can’t expect to either. You have to be willing to forego spending an afternoon at that art museum or accept taking a 5 hour regular train versus the 3 hour costlier express option, because if you refuse to budge and give a little, you’re digging your own grave. No one wants to deal with the friend who refuses to accept they don’t always know best, and you most definitely don’t want to be that person.

2. But also make sure to take

At the end of the day, it’s your vacation as well. You’ve invested equally as much (time and money) in this trip as your friends have and if there is something you know you really want to do, don’t let it slide by; make it a priority. Best strategy is to each choose at least one thing you want to eat, see, or do and fit it in from the get go before you head off on holiday;  early planning means that no one will be left unsatisfied, having to make a sacrifice because you ran out of time.


3. Set some house rules

This may sound tedious and somewhat high-school, but it should be a priority on your pre departure to-do lists. A lot of awkward and tense situations can be avoided pretty easily, so take the extra 5 minutes and have a calm conversation early on instead of a heated argument once boiling point has been reached because by then, it’s too late. If you know you’re a light sleeper, speak up and say so before suffering through a bad night’s sleep. House rules can be as simple as all agreeing to leave the bar together, yet no matter how seemingly obvious, upsets and disappointments really don’t need to happen.

4. Remember to take ‘me’ time

Even if this is just a sunset walk along the beach or your early morning workout routine that no one wants to join in on, that’s fine. It’s ok do to something on your own every now and again; a group holiday doesn’t mean spending every single second together. Clear your mind, take a few minutes to focus on you, and just appreciate where you are and who you’re with… Needing to getaway shouldn’t only happen once you don’t want to spend time together, it should happen before this is even an issue.


5. Have fun

At the end of the day, you’re somewhere amazing with your closest friends and it shouldn’t feel like a hassle or hard work. Yes, there’ll be bumps along the road, even if you and your bestie(s) are practically sisters. Despite having to step in as chief mediator from time to time, you’re on vacation and having fun should be your number one priority! Don’t wish your time away, even if every moment isn’t straight off the pages of your favorite epic travel novel, you and your friends will look back on this trip forever.