South East Asia: 7 Weeks Later (+VIDEO)

South East Asia is the quintessential adventure for any self-proclaimed travel aficionado, an enchanting right of passage. From the gap year, cash – strapped backpacker to the matured soul searcher, paths from all corners of the world cross on these well traversed lands. Whether you’re seeking some clarity in the ancient halls of Angkor Wat or have planned your entire trip around Koh Phangan’s notorious Full Moon Party, all walks of life converge here.

As eclectic a mix of people probably can’t be found anywhere else; the Four Seasons a 5 minute cab ride from a non – stop party hotel come beach bar also probably isn’t too common except for on Koh Samui… But that’s half the beauty of it, South East Asia doesn’t come with any prejudices attached. Everyone is welcome and that’s not just a facade. All budgets are catered for, culture – lovers pleased, and beach bums happily parked on some of the whitest sands splashed by crystal blue waters. It is the perfect destination.

With each return visit I fall more in love with the place and people; from Thailand – or the Land of Smiles – to Cambodia – the Kingdom of Wonder – an intangible sense of magic emanates, engulfing you in its clutches. Everything appears more vivid: the colors brighter, the flavors of the food richer, the chillies hotter. After seven weeks spent hitting all the hotspots (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Phi Phi, and Phuket, in Thailand/Siem Reap a.k.a the home of Angkor Wat in Cambodia/Hanoi, and Ha Long Bay in Vietnam), I’m hooked… South East Asia will always have a special place in my heart.

Whether it’s on the top of your bucket list, or you’ve just come back from that once in a lifetime adventure and, like me, are feeling a little travelsick, here’s a short video covering some of the highlights! Nothing quite beats being there, but looking back comes a pretty close second. P.S. make sure to watch it in HD, the extra loading time is well worth the wait.