Boston Bites: Food Trucks Worth Tracking Down

Food trucks are a phenomenon, bridging the gap between hungry yet time-strapped millennials and our gourmet cravings. An American icon, the popular trend is no longer limited to the streets of the major cities – namely LA and NYC… Nope, the mobile restaurants have descended nationwide and even worldwide – popping up everywhere from just across the pond in London to further afield in Sydney and Melbourne – bringing your favorite bites to you. And really, who’s complaining? The attractiveness of picking up good food on the go can’t be denied, and with increasing diversity – in terms of both vegetarian/vegan options and ethnic cuisines – these meals on wheels becoming more and more accessible. With the SoWa Open Market  food truck lineup no longer gracing Boston’s Sundays with its greatness – it runs from May through to the end of October – our one stop food truck shop has bid 2016 farewell. Nevertheless, if you’re in town and don’t want to dedicate a whole hour and some to a meal/want good food without paying the restaurant premium or have free time and want to try something new, here are some of Boston’s best, including where they’ll be and when. P.S. some of the sweeter options probably won’t quite check off breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but they’re too good not to mention. Anyways, the walk to the truck probably burnt enough calories to justify treating yourself, right?



Vegetarians rejoice, Clover means we never have to worry about always being left to order fries whenever friends suggest picking up street food. Their newest truck is now stationed at the bottom of Newbury Street near the intersection with Mass Ave, 7 days a week, meaning Clover is probably the easiest truck to “find” – check out their locations, menus and times for all their food trucks. With hearty seasonal options and a breakfast menu served Monday through Friday – who could say no to a classic breakfast sandwich – it’s not just vegetarians they’re keeping super satisfied.


A well-seasoned Boston local, Roxy’s can be hailed as one of the city’s ultimate gourmet food truck founding fathers. Moving in the opposite direction to most, from an established food truck network to brick and mortar establishment, they’ve got the whole hospitality meets quality with maximum efficiency thing nailed down. That, and the fact their grilled cheeses are pretty much unbeatable. Heavenly, gooey goodness, these magical melts are too good not to bite right in to. Plus, what’s better than a grilled cheese and warm tomato soup on a cold Boston day? With multiple trucks buzzing around various locations, Roxy’s has got you covered.


Never tried Korean food? These flavor filled fusion burritos, rice and salad bowls are the perfect time to give it a go; you and your belly can thank me later. Filled with the signature spicy sweetness of Asian food that we have come to know and love, the yummy combos of  fresh ingredients and tasty goodness make me wish I’d tried Korean food sooner. The selection of gogi (meat) – beef, pork, chicken, and tofu – means there’s something for everyone to fill their tummy with. Check the schedule out here!



Want the waffles? Ze truck is bringing Zinneken’s authentic Belgian waffles to locations across Boston, keeping everyones’ sweet tooth perfectly content. Crispy, decadent and crusted in caramelized sugar pearls, these moreish, delicately soft waffles scream indulgence. Slather it in traditional speculoos – aka cookie butter – for the full experience. Emphasis on full, because these beauties could double as a meal… Do the raspberries on top count as one of my five a day? Don’t forget the fluffy whipped cream, because if you’re going to go for it, go all out!


Bubble tea or boba is a “you either love it or hate it” kind of thing; if you hate it skip past this next one because it definitely isn’t up your alley. If you love it, find the Sweet Bubble truck as soon as possible. With an air of mystery, their web presence is pretty much nonexistent, it’s often a hit or miss trying to track these guys down. But when you do find them, their bubble tea won’t disappoint, with flavor options for the tea and the bubbles, as well as sweetened and unsweetened drinks… Just make sure you have cash, because last time I checked they still weren’t accepting cards. Get your boba fix here!



Save the best till last. Cookies are always a crowd pleaser, and the Cookie Monstah takes soft and gooey centers to the next level. Pop your cookie on top of their silky smooth ice cream for the extra splurge. Or, if you arrive early enough in the day, get your hands on one of their homemade cookie sandwiches. Cookies make everything better, and given the lack of fine cookie establishments in Boston, the Cookie Monstah truck couldn’t be a more welcome sight, spotted at the following locations.